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Banish terrible mobile reception

If you live rurally or have drawn the proverbial shortstraw and ended up with mobile deadspots in your home you know the frustration poor reception can cause.

You miss important calls. You have to do a handstand near the right window just to make a call. You have to talk to that boy you like in the lounge room in front of your parents (ew).

Cel-Fi is a personal mobile repeater that solves these problems for you.

So how does it work?

In order to give you the best possible result, we typically install the Cel-Fi with a YAGI antenna on your roof to capture the mobile reception. It’s worth noting that the antenna and the Cel-Fi are locked to a particular carrier (eg Telstra).

The antenna connects to the “Window Unit”, which if the signal was strong enough could be used without the antenna and sit, wait for it, at a window where there is good signal.

The Window Unit connects to a “Coverage Unit” via wireless link. It can be up to 30m away from the Window Unit, so usually it sits in the middle of the house and dispurses mobile reception loveliness around the whole home/office. If you can work out why it is called a Coverage Unit please email me.


Reliable, Consistent Reception

Actually use your phone!

Faster Data Speeds

More browsing, less waiting!

Batteries Last Longer

Constantly searching for signal drains batteries!

There are lots of options to get more information. Start a Live Chat from the bottom corner right now, call on 02 6884 5922, email or comment with your Facebook account below.

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